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but there are certain legal restrictions that are still in place [that are also a pressing issue],” she added.

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Conversations and time spent with men who are not family members is limited.While there has been promise of several reforms for female citizens so far just a handful of the important decisions a woman in Saudi Arabia still cannot make for herself include: Permission to marry must be granted by your wali, or guardian.Women who seek to marry foreigners must obtain approval to do by the ministry of interior, and marriage to non-Muslims is so difficult as to be impossible.But, Ms Campbell told an interviewer that she has no “beef” with Rihanna or anyone, “especially with black women, who are in the same thing and doing the same struggle”.The news that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has issued a royal decree finally giving women in the conservative Kingdom the right to drive was met with celebration both inside the country and across the globe.

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