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The more miserable we sound about something the happier we are.

So don’t get down if we seem to be on a downward spiral of despair, we’re as happy as pig in shit.

Numbers can be added together, subtracted, or multiplied (among other things). ["This", "comes", "before", "that"], for instance, is an array in which the first item is the string "This", and the last item is the string "that". If you think about it, a dictionary is a bit like a set of 'keys' (words) all pointing to their own 'values' (meanings). Well, it turns out there will be many, many instances in which you need a structure like this to store data. Here is a way of packaging up some information about me: There are the 'keys' - 'first_name', 'last_name' etc. (I could equally add: 'hair_colour', 'age', or 'gender'.) And each of these keys has a value (hence: 'key value pair').

But probably the most powerful type, and the one which it took me a long time to get my head around, is the 'hash', or 'key value pair'. A lot of programming is concerned with working out what would be the best format in which to structure data, and 'key value' pairs will become a vital weapon in your armoury, so it's good to get an understanding early on of how they work.

the use of brackets to help 'order' the way tasks are performed), and the idea of a co-ordinate space (ie.

So if you get confused and mix up Manchester with Liverpool I’m going to be offended, and heaven forbid you ask if I come from London. As mentioned above, England is a small place and the accents on that tiny isle are many and varied.This principle has underpinned a lot of my understanding of how programming works, and if you can grasp it early, you'll find it really handy. Think of 'types' as being a bit like the building blocks of a programming language.One type is a 'string', or a collection of things inside a quote mark. (I could join them together to make 'Appleorange', for instance.) Numbers are another type. Probably the best name for it, though, is the name Python gives it: 'dictionary'.If you have an aptitude for logic, you're going to be in a good position to start wrestling with the task of programming.One way to think about programming is as a series of 'processes' that you set running - a bit like you're getting the computer to 'do a job for you' - and whose interactions you manage.

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