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We explore these questions using a sample of couples and co-parents whose children are in Head Start programs, which included couples from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds.

(In the United States, children are eligible to attend Head Start if the family income is at or below the poverty level as established by the federal government.) A partnership was established between a university and a Head Start program in the southeastern United States.

Relationship education participants completed a 6-week community education program focusing on couple and co-parenting dynamics and relationship quality.Few could argue with her urging of the world’s leaders to focus on this issue; the media is ripe with gut-wrenching stories of young (and old) people whose lives have been devastated by digital bullies.At every stage of life, our relationships and families present us with both joys and challenges.Couple/relationship conflict does not only affect the couple.It also impacts their children, both directly and indirectly; harsh or rejecting parenting, for example, is frequently associated with conflict between parents.

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