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The treatment itself is non-painful and without any discomfort. Many of these treatments did, and continue to, overlap. I'll go back when I get a flare up, and in today's busy world, there's bound to be one! Lili Zeng by a friend of my mother's because I have been having chronic back pain.I look forward to this relaxing treatment, and less anxiety. I have to tell you, she is experienced, kind, caring, compassionate, and most importantly, she knows what she is doing. While the massage therapy at times identified pain areas, no progress was made. She was very courteous and answered all my questions in her consultation, which was free by the way.However, Laugh n Leap also have the ability to host large festivals and events with our Giant Slides, adult size obstacle courses, and unique games.Our customer service is impeccable and second to none.We have 10yrs of experience in planning, staffing, and providing entertainment to over 6,500 different events throughout Columbia and the entire state of South Carolina.Our Perfect 5-Star Google Rating separates us from all others. We stock the best variety of inflatable water slides in all of South Carolina.Accommodation is where you live or stay, especially when you are on holiday or when you are staying somewhere for a short amount of time.

Acupuncture can not replace the knee, but it has reduced the pain and swelling to tolerable levels. Zeng has become a good friend and totally confident with her treatment. Over the past two years, I noticed that the medication no longer worked well without increasing the dosage. Zeng asked many questions regarding my health, diet and life style. I went for 10 weeks of acupuncture and took the herbs (pill form) she recommended. It's almost a month now, the pain has never returned. Zeng has a strong background in traditional Chinese medicine plus years of trainings in western medicine. I would recommend her to anyone with symptoms like mine. Zeng for relief of carpel tunnel discomfort in my hand, wrist, and forearm. Zeng's holistic approach and treatment strategies brought me relief and pain management in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend trying acupuncture for any problems you are experiencing Jessica 1/13/2012 Dr. She really listens to and cares about her patients. After a series of 11 treatments I am completely looking and feeling like my self again.

She is a true healer and she made recommendations for me which shows me my heart does hold a rainbow. I suffered from extreme back pain and numbness in my legs and feet for weeks, having 4 different doctors tell me to go for physical therapy. A combination of acupuncture and cupping techniques is helping me. After a year of discomfort and terrible sleep, I finally decided to give acupuncture a shot. Zeng is very kind, and she was accomodating in scheduling my appointments. I opted to have the treatment immediately after the consultation.

I attempted physical therapy but could not participate because it was so painful. After 3 sessions, I am feeling so much better than before. Mamadou, 11/15/2012 I have had severe pinched nerve issues for over a year as a result of arthritis in, and degradation of, my C5 and C6 vertebrae, as well as rotator cuff injuries. Within two sessions my instances of numbness decreased by 50% and I was able to sleep on my side and stomach for the first time in over a year without numbness. Her prices were as much as 50% lower than other Rhode Island acupuncturists I researched. The office is clean and comfortable and the treatment experience itself was free of discomfort.

Our goal is to promptly deliver and setup the most jaw-dropping attractions for your event. Nothing compares to having a 30 feet tall water slide in your own backyard, church, or company site!

With over 35 giant and unique water slides in stock, we've established ourselves as the best in the business.

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