Accomodating adhd

See Accommodation Documentation Guidelines for documentation requirements specific to extended time, computer use, and other typical accommodations.Establish the evaluator’s professional credentials. Evaluators must be authorized by the state in which they practice to administer the necessary tests and to diagnose ADHD.This inability to commit information to memory is hard in all areas of her life - socially & academically.

It was frustrating because she could read books like Little Bear, but then if I pulled the same words, out of context it was hit or miss on whether she would read them correctly. WE did not find any specific learning disabilities, but it did show a compromised working memory problem and ADHD. Don't guess about where she's at, really do the tests and see where she fits.To take College Board exams with accommodations, students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) must request accommodations from the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Make sure your documentation meets these seven criteria: Documentation should state the specific disability as diagnosed.The ADHD diagnosis should be made by someone with appropriate professional credentials; should be specific; and should reference the (DSM-5 or whichever edition was current at the time of diagnosis).For example, does the student work more slowly than other students? The reason for requesting a particular accommodation is not always evident from the diagnosis.Be sure your rationale for specific accommodations focuses on the following: A request for extended time should document difficulty taking timed tasks, include the amount of extended time required or the maximum amount of time the student can be tested in a day, and include current scores on timed and untimed/extended time tests.

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