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But these tests are almost custom-tailored to be difficult for students with learning disabilities, which is part of the reason why they get their bad reputation.If your child has any learning disability or physical impairment, he should apply for extra time and accommodations to level the playing field.

Her mother and father refused to believe that she had ADHD, although it was clear from her behavior and academic performance that she did (in case you’re wondering, one of the clearest signs of ADD is incredibly high grades in the areas in which your student is interested, and abysmal grades in the areas in which she is not). So while I brought her math score from a 620 to a 750, her Writing score went from a 470 to a 510, even though she was blatantly capable of getting a perfect Writing score and had all the requisite grammatical knowledge. It is your duty as a parent to get your child as many advantages as you possibly can.

Almost all schools, public and private, have a Services for Students with Disabilities department.

You should talk to your SSD Coordinator as soon as possible to set up a meeting and figure out whether or not your child qualifies.

But his on-page reading skills suffered due to his disability. His mother, fearing that she would make him feel “handicapped” if she asked for special accommodations, refused to get him extra time and other help for his dyslexia. His father, taking matters into his own hands, went through hell and high water at the last minute, under incredible time pressure, to get him the special accommodations he needed.

As a result, he scored a 310 on his Critical Reading section. When he took the test again, months later, he scored a 680 on his Critical Reading section.

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