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WCKY was the local home for Rush Limbaugh when he debuted.

Sold to Jacor Communications in 1994 along with sister station WOFX-FM (then WIMJ), WCKY's format changed with the times, from easy listening in the 1960s, to a country format in the '70s and '80s, to a news/talk format in the '80s and early '90s.

KFBK and WCKY are both Class A broadcast facilities on this channel in the United States.

KFBK and WCKY both alter their signals at night to limit their signals interference towards each other at night; however, as Class A stations, both stations also receive more protection than other stations on this channel.

The new WCKY was nicknamed "The Revolution of Talk Radio" and became one of Air America's few 50,000 watt affiliates in the east.

The station introduced listeners from states all over the region to Air America personalities like Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Marc Maron and Mike Malloy.

The line-up included local host Mike Mc Murray and for a short time now national host Doug Stephan.

Syndicated personalities included Bruce Williams and Larry King.

The station also features local sports talker Mo Egger.Perhaps one of the best-remembered programs in the station's history was the night-time "WCKY Jamboree" that ran from the 1940s until early 1964.It featured recorded country music with disc jockeys such as Wayne Rainey, Nelson King and Jimmy Logsdon.Jacor was purchased by Clear Channel Communications (now known as i Heart Media) in 1999.In the 1990s, a swap of call letters by Jacor Communications turned 1530 AM to WSAI, while the WCKY talk format and call sign were merged with WLWA 550-AM. WSAI eventually switched to an oldies format in early 2003.

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