Backdating of stock option

“He sent this beautiful cursive handwritten letter joking how he doesn’t have Microsoft Word available in prison,” Soltes said during a recent interview with Fraud Magazine.

As global head of sales, Richards helped backdate contracts that clients signed after the quarters officially ended, Soltes says.

Representation of a national construction company during federal grand jury investigation of municipal water project.

Representation of accountants and medical professionals before licensing boards.

Ken is a partner practicing in the area of government investigations and white collar litigation. House of Representatives, North Carolina Fifth Congressional District, in 1990. Representation of a manufacturer as part of an investigation into alleged environmental crimes under RCRA by the Department of Justice and EPA.

He represents clients on a variety of matters involving white collar crimes and business-related investigations. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina from 1990 to 1993 and assistant U. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina from 1983 to 1988. Representation of a sitting Congressman in an ongoing investigation by the U. Regularly advises companies regarding FCPA and UK Bribery Act compliance, including corporate risk assessments identifying the most significant compliance risk areas faced by the companies.

“Madoff is different from really anyone else of the executive white-collar criminals that I spent time with in writing this book,” Soltes says in a recent interview with Fraud Magazine. These were prominent charities that he got to know over time,” Soltes says.

“Unlike the other executives, he knew many of his victims. “In most cases, and it’s one of the underlying themes of my book, is that most of the time when we have this high-level executive or managerial fraud, it’s easy for the white-collar criminals to proceed without really feeling they’re doing harm because they don’t actually see the victims on the other side. He never seems to appreciate the harm he has done to his victims, he says.

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Eight CA executives, including Richards, were convicted.“Unfortunately, the world is not black and white,” Richards wrote in his letter from prison to Soltes.“Senior managers spend most of their life in the gray regardless of their responsibility and that can be a dangerous and hard place to be.” Soltes, now the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, eventually wrote a case study based on Richards’ letter that became a part of the MBA and executive education curriculum at Harvard Business School. Representation of the former president of a professional organization operating in the defense, training, logistics, retail and intelligence spaces in connection with allegations of firearms registration violations. District Court, Western District of North Carolina, arising from a complaint by the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging a 0 million Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme with more than a million potential claimants (2012).

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