Beauty geek nate jennylee dating I totally enjoyed the performance by So Long Princess on the show. That's what we're going for, sort of punk, not great vocals, but we have fun anyway.You guys have a little Dead Kennedys vibe going on. Are you guys getting more attention now that you've been on TV?Nate: [Laughs] Scooter and I have spoken since the finale and we've exchanged congratulations.I think that I jokingly said that if he ever wants to buy me dinner, I'd let him. What were you going to do with the money?She had 15 people telling her, "You're in the wrong here." I think it's a natural reaction for people to get defensive. What's it been like being on campus while the show's airing? The day before the show started, someone from Season 2 sent me a message online that was like, "Hey, man, get ready. People are going to recognize you wherever you go." And then it didn't change at all.Nate: To be honest, it really hasn't changed my day-to-day life. I've only been recognized two or three times in the last seven weeks.Nate Dern: Once they revealed to us how the winners were going to be determined, I definitely figured that Megan and Scooter had a better shot than we did.

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Nate: Well, the show is about a transformation, and from the very beginning they described it as a social experiment rather than as a competition, even though there was that aspect of competing to it. How many times are people given a second chance to redeem themselves?

I get a lot of messages online, but besides that it hasn't changed my life, really. What are you going to do after you graduate? My particular program is in the geography department, and it's called "Human Society and Development." It's about immigration and resource management.

Nate: Actually, I got a scholarship to go to Cambridge University in the U. After that I'm going to be working for two years for Teach for America. And in the meantime, where can we watch some of these comedy shorts you've been making?

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