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You see this in many ways — from preferred pronouns, sex reassignment surgeries, and demands to use the restroom of perceived rather than given gender.The problem is that this is a philosophical claim that is not true, and can never be true, in any way or form.The Bible: Date of Publication: 1500 BC to 100 AD[1] Authors: 40 authors over the period of 1600 years Note: On average 1 author every 40 years.

Altering one’s appearance cosmetically or surgically cannot change the underlying reality of a person’s biological make-up.No part of our existence in the universe has been left undisturbed by sin’s effects.This means that the brokenness of creation reaches into every corner of our lives — even our minds and hearts.Late 1300’s AD: John Wycliffe and helpers produce full English versions of the Bible, slightly democratizing the text.1516-1537 AD: In a 1516 Latin translation Erasumus notes in the preface his wish that the Bible be in every language so that even Scots and Irishmen can read it.

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    Peter Card, specialist at Dominic Winter Auctons, of Cirencester, Glos, which is selling the collection, said: "The Rational Rover designed by James Stanley was the bike that everybody wanted to build but nobody did before Stanley.