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When the interview concluded, she recalled, she wasn't sure how wellshe had done, but she felt good about it.

Jenna remembered her excitementat receiving the telephone call from sister Ann notifying her she'd gottenthe job. Jenna hurriedly laid out the prescribed garb for non-sister's, as providedby sister Ann. Thephilosophy at the school was that students learn better from teachers thatthey can relate too, so teachers were expected to dress in a similar m Annras the students.

She entered the room when sister Ann,seated behind her desk, gestured her to do so with her finger."Welcome Jenna. Theold woman didn't seem real happy to see her and grumbled a "nice to meetyou" back at her.

Jenna figured she'd seen a lot of young teachers come andgo in her time and wasn't impressed by anyone new."Let me show you to your new classroom," sister Ann said as she stood andwalked out from behind her desk.

Jenna, unsure of why she wanted her so close, was not in any mind to upsether new employer so early so she stepped onto the spot she pointed too.

Jenna looked down at her head mistress as she watched her hands grab thehem of her pleated skirt.

It was a large two-storybrick building, partly covered in ivy, that housed a dorm section for thegirls to sleep in, a recreation room and classrooms.The desk at the head of the class was actually a table.The rowsof desks that faced it were the old style with the lift up desktops andall-in-one construction.sister Ann at in the chair behind the teachers desk and patted the tableand said, "This will be your spot for English.St Monica’s School for Girls Don`t know who author is but excellent story wish there was more. The first day of school was always exciting, buttoday was even more exciting because today, she was the teacher.She feltfortunate to have been so lucky as too land her first job as a teacher at St. And the school was only a half-mile awayfrom her Midwestern, tree-lined neighborhood.

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