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The business is so lucrative that some villagers have given up fishing and factory work. Poverty and growing digital infrastructure In Southeast Asia, the cybersex industry is growing rapidly.

In countries like the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia, abject poverty and a growing digital infrastructure are contributing to its expansion.

They allow the children to let out their anger by screaming and beating pillows.

Fifteen-year-old Sarah, who was able to escape a cybersex network, is using this therapy. I want them to go to hell," Sarah said when asked about those who forced her to take part in cyber sexual acts.

Some families have started the cybersex business with only a laptop.

They usually get between 10 and 100 dollars per "show" - a big amount in a country where around 60 percent of the population earns only two dollars a day.

It's been about a year since Moon Jae-in took over as president, replacing disgraced former President Park Geun-hye who is serving 24 years in prison.

In terms of foreign policy, Moon has already forged a closer relationship with North Korea.

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The videos, ordered and paid for by pedophiles around the world, are broadcast live on the Internet.Weak judicial system In 2012, the government passed a law, making cybersex punishable in all forms. Philippine police, backed by Interpol, say they have arrested 58 suspected members of a cyber-sex extortion syndicate.Users worldwide were lured into exposing themselves via webcams and then blackmailed.Tube This website uses cookies to improve your experience.The cybersex industry is a billion-dollar business worldwide.

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