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Yesterday’s headline writers took the afternoon off, it seems, and engaged the newsroom’s cliché machine: A van “plowed” into crowds on Toronto’s Yonge Street, killing at least 10 and wounding several.That many readers no longer blanch at this agricultural metaphor—indeed they expect it—is a mark of how far the technique of mass vehicular homicide has spread.Syria served as a place for condensation, where like-minded strangers could come together and build a kingdom of God on earth. As long as its members were separate, they had limited power, and the world had a herd immunity, of sorts, from their disease.I suspect something similar has happened with these two violent incels.In that way, for some, sexual fulfillment is a bit like nutritional fulfillment: A normal day of eating will keep you comfortable enough to think about other things, but fast for a day and your gut will soon become a permanent gnawing distraction.

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To have a sex life of some sort seems to me a human right.The first is the virality of technique: Sexually undesirable losers have long taken out their frustration on others—mostly individual women; but now, after four years of Islamic State R&D, the menu of mayhem is greatly expanded.Many cruelties our modern sensibilities would never have considered are now easy to emulate and, more importantly, contemplate. When gun-rights advocates point out that a psychopath deprived of his guns still has access to equally lethal rental trucks, they are not wrong. ISIS grew, as I have shown, out of a number of other movements that before about 2011 were atomized, separated from each other and pursuing different, if compatible, goals.Now they can come together online and find others to validate their grievances and encourage them to action.Dating is harder when you spend a lot of time being bitter online.

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