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In January 2009, Cam shifted to Blinn College in Texas where he managed to lead his team to the 2009 NJCAA National Football Championship.For the 2010 season, Newton switched to Auburn University where he stayed until his senior year when he decided not to attend his final year at college and enter the 2011 NFL Draft.And while you claim that each of these women pursued you despite knowing you were in an exclusive relationship, it doesn't sound like you ran from any of them. " as if the universe were conspiring against you somehow. If you'd sought out a partner who wanted an open relationship—a wide-open one—you could have had concurrent, committed, nonexclusive relationships and avoided being "a liar, a cheat, a user," etc.At best, you broke into (or slowed to) a trot, which allowed each one of these lady predators to overtake you. You weren't hit by a pussy meteor every time you left the house. Seeing as you're a reader, ASSHOLE, I suspect you knew an honest open relationship was an option—that ethical nonmonogamy was an option—but you didn't pursue that. Maybe because you don't want to be with a woman who is free to sit on other dicks.Well, due to some Internet digging, it turns out the lady in question is a woman named Hazel. We’ll see if they end up like Tyga and Chyna or Yeezy and Amber. And guess what, she’s apparently a skripper and “vixen” out of DC. Taurus Atlanta, Georgia, United States Cam went to Atlanta Westlake High School where he played as a football player in high school’s team.

Not one-night-stand scenarios, but longer-term connections. These have included what turned into a one-year affair with a single woman, a three-year affair with a close friend of my wife, a seven-month affair with a married coworker, and now a fairly serious four-months-and-counting relationship with a woman who approached me on Instagram. I love her, we get along great, and the sex is good—if I wasn't such a lying piece of shit, you could even say we make a pretty good team.In the spring of 2015, Cam graduated from Auburn with a degree in sociology.Professional American Football Player Winning the Heisman Trophy, winning the national championship title and for being the first draft pick in 2011 NFL Draft.It's about the annihilation of your partner—a (hopefully) subconscious desire to punish and destroy someone, anyone, fool enough to love you.The tragedy is how unnecessary your choices have been.

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