Cameron diaz dating rock star

But in 2015, eyebrows really shot up when A-list actress Cameron Diaz and Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden shocked fans with their race to the altar — They weren't even dating for a year before saying their I-do's! Bulls***." She echoed those sentiments in a 2011 interview for ), going a step further by agreeing with the interviewer that marriage was a dying tradition. I don't think we should live our lives in relationships based off of old traditions that don't suit our world any longer." Interesting.

Sure, they're both extremely talented, good-looking famous people, but they're not exactly a duo whose paths you'd have expected to cross. Diaz reversed course after tying the knot with rock star Madden, claiming their union was one of the highlights of her life.

In all honesty, we're surprised it took that long the way Diaz talks about her passion for Madden. Diaz has long been considered America's sweetheart with her beautiful blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and, of course, her wide smile.

She's played adorable love interests in films such as magazine in her youth. The heavily pierced and tattooed Good Charlotte guitarist is known for being bad.

At the time of this writing, he's also logged two seasons as a judge on Australia's , in which she famously warned women against permanently lasering off their pubic hair.

Actually now that we think about it, with Madden's move towards mainstream credits like network TV, and Diaz's pivot toward more edgy advice about ladyscaping, perhaps these two are more alike than we previously thought.

The 41-year-old actress sparked rumours that she had found herself a new man when she was pictured out and about with Benji, 35, over the weekend.

The ceremony itself reportedly only lasted about 15 minutes, then guests were encouraged to go outside to enjoy cocktails and music underneath a decorated tent.

Diaz and Madden reportedly enjoyed their first night as a married couple at home and set off on a honeymoon in Wyoming later that month.

"I don't think you find them, I think they find you," she said, giving her opinion on soul mates.

"My feeling about it is you should just be open to receiving. My soul has a lot of different facets and it needs a lot of different men.

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