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Definition & Key Terms Guidelines for Boundaries Non-Sexual Dual Relationships Types of Multiple Relationships Guidelines to Dual Relationships Context of Therapy Online Articles Practice Guidelines Boundaries-Summary Brochure Types of Multiple Relationships Book on Boundaries Book on Dual Relationships Book on Mandated Dual Relationships Online Course on Dual Relationships Online Course on Boundaries Consultations With Therapists Forensic/Expert Witness Certificate Program in Advanced Ethics Extensive Bibliography - Dual Relationships define the therapeutic-fiduciary relationships or what has been referred to as the "therapeutic frame." They distinguish psychotherapy from social, familial, sexual, business and many other types of relationships.Some boundaries are drawn around the therapeutic relationships and include concerns with time and place of sessions, fees and confidentiality or privacy.I’m talking about the kinds of questions people my age routinely ask their parents’ advice on all the time: Does it makes sense to buy a place now since I can afford it, or should I keep my rent-controlled apartment until I’m more settled with a family? In other words, my advice was clouded by my personal beliefs about real-estate appreciation.

Even if it goes badly, having somebody else decide seems safer.

To be fair to my therapist, I understand that I’m not a child anymore and that she wants me to figure things out on my own as an adult, and I get that — up to a point. For one, despite my good intentions, whatever I suggest will be mediated by my own biases and life experiences.

But if it’s a simple question, something practical or something that isn’t a deep psychological issue, why not just say what she thinks? So while I took your living situation into account, it’s also true that I advised you to buy a place partly because I bought my first home in my 30s and in hindsight I wish I’d bought earlier.

Since you’re a therapist with an advice column, do you ever give people advice in therapy? But you might have different ideas, values, and tolerance for any potential fallout.

You must have opinions about whether people should break up with their boyfriends or girlfriends, stop talking to a friend, or (hint, hint) buy a home now or wait to be more settled. What might be a good idea for me might be a disaster for you.

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