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Some were great (like Betty & Fred), others good, a couple not so much :) Overall, though, they tried and kept us going as one of the ONLY FREE genealogy sites.Poem I found by happenstance and just could see a little fellar writing this when he got another "used & used & used" pair of pants :) LOVE THIS LITTLE DIDDY :) Source: Weekly Argus News Aug 21, 1897 p 3 The small boy, who is a close observer, gives the family history of papas pants as follows: When dad has worn his trousers out, they pass to brother John Then mother trims them round about and William puts them on. My hubby is constantly helping me as well - thanks, Jim Z :) . Asssistants are: Jim Cox and yours truly, Karen Zach To subscribe to the Montgomery County Gen Web listserve put the word 'subscribe'in the subject line of the link provided below and 'subscribe' in the body.

I would really like to thank Jeff Scism for assisting me for the last years, he has been such a tremendous help. kbz is rich with history and owns many interesting sites, including the Old Jail Museum (with one of the only workable rotating cells); the Lane Place (home of Henry S.

Thy heroic words of faith and candor, Through ages for justice pleads Soldiers youll never be ashamed of your commander Youll not be afraid to follow where he leads.

Truer words were never spoken Nobler paths were never trod A more heroic soul has never broken Through the great white light that leads to God.

The following tribute to General Montgomery and to Montgomery County was written by Mrs. Brave Montgomery, Out love still clings to thee Who led our patriots on so well Who so nobly fought and fell To make us wholly, truly free In memory were with thee once again When thou, the leader of brave men, Hurried thy forces against Quebec, O!

Sadie Murphy for Wanita Bratton of the Smartsburg HS who read the same at the school centennial at that place. when will thy glory fade In that heroic charge thou made Which only fate and fortress did check.

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