Christian dating during divorce

About a year ago I decided I was going to write my Master’s thesis about this topic and had intended to write a robust biblical defense of my position.

I never imaged I would come to the opposite conclusion.

Against all the cultural expectations of young men to get married, after hearing Jesus’ brazenly conservative view, even the disciples second-guess whether marriage is worth it (Matthew ).

Nonetheless, Jesus is stalwart in his view, assaulting the very attitude behind the Pharisees’ question.

I am hurting so much over this…If I believed in divorce I would already have done it, and I am beginning to maybe believe divorce is ok.

After all, this seems like a type of adultery to me. ” – Mary Ann After writing more than 1,200 articles for Covenant Eyes and having replied to too many comments and e-mails to count, undoubtedly the most heart-wrenching stories I hear are from women who are living with a porn-addicted husband.

Therefore, it is argued, viewing porn must be grounds for divorce.

There are a couple major problems with this argument. The intention of Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount is to help His disciples understand the heart of the Law (Matthew ).

Quite simply, regardless of what we say about these terrible offenses, there’s nothing about the term that suggests these meanings. Bad Argument #2: Porn = Lust = Adultery = Grounds for Divorce Viewing porn generally involves lust.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said the man who looks at a woman lustfully commits adultery with her in his heart (Matthew ).

Jesus also said adultery is grounds for divorce—if we take to mean adultery (Matthew ; 19:9).

In the past when I’ve commented on the subject of porn and divorce, my motivation has been to defend Jesus’ conservative view of marriage against the encroachments of liberalism—all the while, trying to show immense compassion for the person whose spouse is deeply mired in pornography.

I reasoned, “Sure, in instances where porn addiction escalates to physical adultery or when an unbelieving spouse is so mired in porn they utterly abandon the marriage, we can talk about the possibility of divorce.

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