Christian girl dating a jewish guy

Bottom line is you really need to see where his (and his family's) head is on this issue - there are many ways it can go.well.....i'm not jewish...I did stay at a holiday inn express last nite see, the jewish faith is very worried about losing population due to intermarriage and it is a big concern to them.there are only like 14 million jews in the whole world, OK?the state of michigan has like 11 million people for comparison.They may not like the fact that I am dating out of the faith - but they like HIM and he is a welcome part of all of our family gatherings - including our recent passover seders (dinners), one of which was actually in our synagogue.As far as life style goes - if this man is dating you then I doubt he is very religious - so you should not see many differences in lifestyle. The only issue she ever had was that he would not eat meat with dairy - although he would eat cheeseburgers.Conversion hasn't been discussed at this point, although I would certainly entertain the idea if we were to get that serious.

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ROFL It really all depends on how religious this guy is, how religious his family is - and how much of an influence his family has on him.It depends on how religious he is and how much he cares about what his parents say. Wow I just wrote this whole long response and it disappeared on me! Firstly a somewhat derogatory term for a non jewish female is Shiksa, for a man it is Shaygitz.Their literal meaning is not positive, but they are used in everyday speech and have really lost their edge - depending on context of course.The jewish LAW on conversion is that it is our obligation to try to talk someone out of conversion, by telling them how hard jewish life is, to test their conviction.However once they get past that test and continue toward conversion - they are welcomed with open arms.

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