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My least favorite was the day we shot Nate and Sophie walking out of a bar, because we knew we might not come back. A group of us were headed to OKC during the 50to1 tour, but then you started on the Librarians.

Would you please consider Kansas City the next time that you are on the road please?

Although it's halfway back to being long as we speak. I loved your work in Angel (and the other things I've seen you in, of course, but Angel has a special place in my heart)!

Which did you prefer, Straight Laced and Evil Lindsey Mc Donald, or Tattooed Evil? When the Librarians is renewed and you're back filming in Portland, is there a chance for any intimate, acoustic shows?

Like LEVERAGE, THE LIBRARIANS has a Baskin-Robbins of flavors. I loved "The Mile High Job." We all came back for the season opener, and filmed in Hmmm. And it just so happened that people enjoyed me singing too, and it's very important for me. I would love to see ALL these characters open up over time.

My all-time favorite line from the entire series was "Well ma'am, we be the calvary." from "The Bank Shot Job." which got me into the series and that remains my favorite episode.

As we speak, I believe Dean Devlin is putting something together now.

I feel like it's gone from a great idea to a project he's putting in motion.

I actually like it longer when I'm acting, because I feel like it's more of a part of me.

But having it short right now is easier to deal with in life.

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