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'But if it wouldn't have been her, it would have been us.' Their bodies were riddled with 25 bullets each, even though Bonnie Parker had never been charged with a capital offence.

The pair had become notorious after two years on the run and the crime scene quickly descended into a bizarre circus.

And as two new books reveal, it is even more extraordinary.

But Bonnie was only wounded and began screaming - a scream so terrible that their principal pursuer, former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, fired two more shots into the defenceless 23-year old at close range.

'I hate to bust the cap on a woman, especially when she was sitting down,' the laconic Hamer said afterwards.

Blood-stained pieces of Bonnie's dress were removed, as were locks of her hair. Within 12 hours, the town's population had ballooned from just 2,000 to an estimated 12,000, with spectators travelling across the state to see the grisly remains of Bonnie and Clyde - and the price of beer in local bars doubled in price as a result.

But it wasn't just the public who were fascinated by the death of these two outlaws.

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