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"I'm sorry again for coming over here unannounced" she said. Besides it's been awhile since I saw a young guy naked." She grinned and looked at my body. " "I do pretty often, it just feels alot better to me and I like the no tan lines." I replied."It's no problem, I'm just glad you didn't call the cops on me! "I understand, I used to hit some nude beaches when I was a lot younger.Pennant, 35, is said to have been identified taking part in the seedy online videos by the distinctive 'love' tattoo on his right hand.His wife, Alice Goodwin, 32, allegedly charges strangers £6 a minute for one-to-one sessions on X-rated websites, and Pennant is said to have taken part in one.His tattooed hand is what gave away his appearance in the footage, reports The Sun.One customer said: 'I knew it was his wife but I didn't expect to see him get involved as well.'This guy played in the Premier League and even the Champions League final.' Pennant enjoyed a lucrative career that saw him play for clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool and Birmingham City.

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Yesterday it was really nice and sunny out and I decided to get rid of some tan lines.

She laughed "Careful I just may take you up on that!

I'll be back later to get my clothes, enjoy the sun! After she was gone I pulled my shorts back down and went back to enjoying the sun.

You are lucky you have a private yard you can still do it in" She said finishing up hanging her clothes.

"Well hey if you ever wanna relive your youth feel free to join." I joked.

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