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Sadly Gina’s husband finally found out about the affair, and asked for a divorce.This put an end to the most exciting fantasy that Jenny and I had played with in years.” I thought about it, then I told her, as long as she still loved me, and it was just about sex, I guess I could live with it.“Bull shit” Jenny said, “there’s no way you could handle your wife being with another man, let alone bringing his still warm semen home with her.” How do you think this thing with Gina is going to play out? Jenny said Gina’s husband Joe, was not performing well in bed, so Gina was getting what she needed elsewhere.The rest of their marriage was great, Gina loves her husband, and they have fun, but he does not compare to her lover’s big cock.In the weeks that followed Jenny and I played with the fantasy of her taking a lover, even to the degree of calling me another man’s name while we were having sex, then asking me to go down on her, to see if I could tell that she’s been fucked by another man.Most women have a problem with their husbands looking at porn on the internet, not Jenny, she often found new sites, and sent them to me as e-mail links, while I was working from home.My wife works in a doctor’s office with two other women, Gina, and Kim.

We married very young, well at least Jenny was young.

by Jeny Coop My name is Bill Cooper, I’m thirty-eight years old, and my wife Jenny is thirty.

Jenny and I had a good sex life, we had been married twelve years, and I was under the impression that both of us were very satisfied with our sexual relationship.

I asked Jenny what she thought about Phil, and she sort of blushed a little, and said “he’s cute, I guess”. Gina said she saw her outside with Phil, by his car.

At the next office Christmas party, I met Phil, and was very surprised that he was a black man, Jenny seemed to spend a lot of time alone talking to Phil, so Gina and Kim came over to me and asked if I minded that my wife was chatting up a handsome black man. When I saw them together, I was stunned, Phil is at least a foot taller than Jenny, and his dark skin is a stark contrast to Jenny’s pale complexion, and blond hair.

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