Dating a black man experience

I felt tested, not only by circumstances but also by Heavenly Father.

My demanding workload and dismal dating life were taking a toll, even though I had always had a strong conviction that everything would turn out well in the end. To complicate matters, at the end of June a competing corporation called to offer me my dream job, which would mean living in New York. My aunties, hearing at a family luncheon that I was about to become unemployed, arranged an appointment in June with a General Authority who had connections with the publishing business, the field I was just leaving.

During that time in my life I remember flying in airplanes and weeping from tiredness. This meeting with a General Authority was extremely unusual for me.

My exposure to General Authorities had been minimal, and I liked it that way. I revered them, but I also understood the line of priesthood jurisdiction and felt confident that my home teachers and my bishop were sufficient to bless my life.

Then on Sunday evening, I would depart again for work.

It was not until six months later that I learned that my future husband, at the prodding of his eldest daughter, Sharmon, was to commence his search for a wife in that very month. After I wrote my letter of resignation, I jokingly told friends, “I want to stay home and fold socks and clean the house.” One man at church said to me, “Oh, Kristen, with all your skills, you want to do more than be a nanny!

” He did not share my vision of a future husband and family, but his evaluation of my new job activities would prove partially accurate.

As a consultant who traveled constantly, I earned a generous salary. In fact, I often left late Sunday evening and returned home Friday night.

My only social life occurred in this narrow weekend window of time.

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