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If you really don't want more, take very little and leave it on your plate.You may always have additional beverages; drink enough to cause your cup or glass to be less than half full, and it will generally be refilled.You will be implored to take more two or three times, in the form of a little ritual.The game is as follows: first you refuse, then the host insists, then you refuse again, then the host insists again, and then you finally give in and take a little more.) You will also need to wash you hands again at the end of the meal, especially after eating the saucy dishes, since you've probably got a good bit of it running down your arm.Don't worry, it's to be expected: don't dress up if you're eating banana-leaf style. Use your right hand when picking up and eating food. Do not place your left hand on the table, and do not pass food with your left hand, as the left hand typically is considered the "unclean" hand in Muslim tradition, and many banana-leaf restaurants are Muslim estab¬lishments.

Just never do it walking down the street: that's simply not done. A word about smoking: it is ubiquitous throughout the Philippines.On top of this, add the American hamburger, and other types of fast food (which, in all fairness, are found most everywhere around the world), and you have a sense of Filipino cooking.If you are hosting a Filipino in the United States, they will be very comfortable with the local restaurants you choose, but will be especially thrilled if you can locate an authentic Philippine restaurant.Lunch is traditionally the main meal of the day, and even today, in busy cities, it can still be an elaborate affair with several courses-or it can be a simple noodle dish or fast food bolted down in a matter of minutes.Lunch is served from about noon to 1 and consists of meat, fish, and/or vegetables, served with rice.

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