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I’m 5’8” and have been dating a guy who is 5’7” for almost a year.

Granted, this is only a height difference of one inch, but friends have still pointed it out many times.

I’m no supermodel skyscraper, but I fall into the “tall girl” category at 5’8” and have always towered over the majority of my friends.

Maybe I always felt like the odd one out for being the tallest, but height is something I just can’t help.

” “Celebrities totally do this all the time, so it’s fine, right? I’ve come to love taking ownership of the fact that we’re a quirky, outside-of-the-norm couple.

Being the taller woman in a relationship doesn’t have to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

The average male in England is 5ft 10in, while the typical female is a mere 5ft 5ins, so you could say I’m well over average height for my gender.

What’s worse, according to statistics, half the men in the country are my height or shorter.

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At just under 5ft 10in, I consider myself a tall woman.While speaking to some of my shorter friends (and by short, I mean anything around the 5ft 5 mark – i.e.average) I was keen to learn that they actually envy taller women.If you look around at the majority of couples, it isn’t the norm for the woman to be the taller one in the relationship—and if they are, someone is bound to have something to say about it. Is it just because it strays from traditional gender norms?It begs the question: in a relationship, how much do physical differences REALLY matter?

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