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It takes awhile to tear down, load up, get paid, go back to the practice room to unload, have a beer, chill and talk about the show. 5) Do NOT assume that your girlfriend is sleeping with her bandmates.Female musicians get a front row seat to the “trampesty” that is the dating habits of the male musician.

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16) Never say anything negative about the band that you cannot say to her.I recently came across an entertaining list in my email titled “Rules for Dating a Musician”.The rules are very much geared towards the prevention of a young lady “Yoko-ing” a band, but could mostly be applied to the opposite gender.This will aid any gentleman to get along swimmingly with his music-based girlfriend and limit the number of times she’ll initially have to say “Suck it up and deal” and/or “Grow a pair”. Shaking hands and making new friends is a big part of being a gigging musician.3) Do NOT complain that she is out late frequently on the weekends.

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