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Students with social skill deficits usually have (1) a lack of knowledge, (2) a lack of practice or feedback, (3) a lack of cues or opportunities, (4) a lack of reinforcement, and (5) the presence of interfering behaviors.Four components in training a student with scripting include: modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and transfer of training.New matches -- those whom you haven't communicated with -- appear at the top of the screen in the "New Matches" section.Its portal for starting the conversation with them and you’ll be able to see the people have already matched user here and you can access the previous chat conversations.If a “social skills class” is not available at your school, social skills training still can, and should be, integrated into the students’ day.Besides social skills, teachers can also use scripting to enhance reading, English, and language arts classes.In order to be matched, both you and the other person need to "Like" each other's profiles.When a match responds or sends you a message start the seamless conversation of non-stop expressing fun and sharing thoughts along with your matched buddies.

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The inclusion of skilled peers is often helpful to the social skills class or target group.Daily observations of students’ social abilities can help determine the skills that need practice as well as reports from others who interact with these students.Basic social abilities, such as greeting someone or starting a conversation, are a good place to begin.Scripts need to match life experiences at home, at school, in their community, and possibly in their workplace.Students should share their experiences to help make the scripts more interesting and relevant.

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