Dating body signals

He may find “innocent” ways to touch you that aren’t as overt as gentle caresses- maybe a thumb wrestling match, or a high-five that lingers a little too long, or any other game that involves a little touching.

His touches can also be a way of testing the waters and seeing how you respond, which might tell him if you’re interested.

MORE: The Only Way to Know if a Guy Likes You For Sure Staring into someone’s eyes for too long can be creepy and uncomfortable. This boundary changes when they really like someone, then they want them to come in.

This fidgeting is just his way of working off the nervous energy he feels in your presence. While this may seem like a huge step for you, it can also show just how much he is attracted to you.

People are normally protective when it comes to touching. (Learn the science behind mirroring here.) Want To Know If He Likes You? It’s also the hardest body language sign for him to hide.

If he is fully at ease when you touch him, it’s because he’s interested in you.n MORE: Body Language Signs He Likes You You catch him staring from across the room. We don’t want to miss a glance of the person we like. You use the words “like” and “epic” a lot, and though you haven’t heard it in his vocabulary before, he uses them too. We mirror someone when we want to make them like us, be it for romantic or platonic reasons. He may blush when you tease him, when you stare at him, or simply when you make eye contact.

In fact, it’s the highest amount of intimacy you can build without touching.

A major sign that he likes you is if he’ll make eye contact with you from across the room, then look away, then reestablish eye contact. When you are interested in what someone is saying, you lean in. When a man is interested in you, he’ll lean in even if he can hear what you’re saying perfectly. Most people are protective of their personal space.

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