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That ability comes from good self-control and conscientiousness.

Look for I think these are great tips, and I definitely use similar measures when evaluating a potential partner.

My clients look for people who share their life goals and their core relationship values.

Self control is important- and it can be taken too far.

But I don't think the original poster was referring to overlapping relationships, but overlapping characteristics or situations.

The point was that having less than ideal focus in one area--say, in completing a project--doesn't necessarily mean a person would not be trustworthy in a relationship.

hmmmm You cannot really predict cheating in any situation just like you cannot predict you will never break up either.

In other words, if one friend or intimate partner has too many foibles for one's convenience, you just switch them out like you would a lightbulb or disposable battery.

It's easy to forget that in the time leading up to now, many people understood that doing the work to understand others makes it more likely that we understand ourselves.

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