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It's found with Goodall courts after the take-over, but seems to have been discontinued by c.1930; Goodall, c.1935-55, then in colour, c.1956-70.

The original design goes back to the 1880s, but it seems to have been discontinued after Waddington bought out De La Rue in 1969. Aces of spades The details of English makers' ASs are given in my book and on the plainbacks website, in particular, in my contribution to the site on the right of the first page.

Then there are the known dates of the individual makers.

These can be found in my book and some details are on the plain backs website and elsewhere on the wopc website.

This is a reference to William IV's granting the patent in 1831, but it does NOT mean that the cards are necessarily from his reign.Note, too, that any pack with Goodall courts and a Waddington AS must be after 1943, when the courts were transferred for printing by the Leeds firm after De La Rue's Bunhill Row factory was destroyed in the Blitz.So, let's summarize: De La Rue before becoming a limited company: 1832-98.Pip and index types Goodall There are some very short-lived types, too. Before De La Rue's take-over (1921/2) it's NW; after the take-over it's EC1. The latter one is actually that of De La Rue's own Bunhill Row.There is another type similar to Goodall's 1 and 2 above, which is slightly smaller and positioned differently, and there is another one between 3 and 5, which only seems to have been used c.1890 before 5 took over for the next 10 years. Incidentally, numbered postal districts in London were introduced in 1917, so that's another important external piece of information for dating packs.

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