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It is important to note that throughout history Jews have set value on adhering to distinctly Jewish names, hence the names even in this early period can be easily distinguished from the Christian and Muslim names of the time.

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However, the fact that you find a surname on our database does not necessarily mean that a given surname is exclusively Jewish.This accounts for different spellings, prefixes, and suffixes.Typical family names have been used by Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Conversos and crypto-Jews, and many are found today in Hispanic and Sephardic communities throughout the world, so that whilst on your journey you just might discover others on the road to discovering their roots who happen to have the same surname as you.In fact, most cultures use surnames developed from one or more of these classifications.Patronymic names are names derived from proper names such as Enriquez (son of Henrique), Mendes (son of Mendo), and Martinez (son of Martin) among Sephardim or Abramson (son of Abraham), Jacobson (son of Jacob), Mendelson (son of Mendel) among Ashkenazim.

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