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Turns out, though, that even if you don’t live on a military base, Germany is a relatively safe place. In 2009 the Deutsche Welle reported that there were only eight fatalities at the hands of German police in the past two years, compared to several hundred per year in the US.

Statistically, black expats of US-origin have less to worry about in Germany than they might back home.

Links and resources ISD: The Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to represent the interests of black people in Germany.

Black German Cultural Society: The American-based Black German Cultural Society is an organization serving as a resource, networking organization and forum to facilitate awareness, discussions, and reflection of important issues that impact Black Germans, post-WWII Afro-Germans (known as Brown Babies and Mischlingskinder), and their descendants.

“On a very general level I’ve never felt unsafe,” Graham said, though she said that like in any big city, there are areas to avoid.

“It is a very real thing to be black in Germany, specifically in Berlin.

Expats moving to Frankfurt will find themselves in a confident, global city that effortlessly combines its role as a leading modern business centre with a charming cultural character.

Frankfurt is the economic powerhouse of Germany and central Europe, and is an important industrial and financial metropolis, as well as a key transport hub.

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Accommodation in Frankfurt can be expensive; however salaries are generally raised in order to afford residents a decent standard of living.

There are superb opportunities for shopping, as well as sightseeing attractions like museums, historic spots and world-class opera and theatre to enjoy.

Getting around in Frankfurt is easy with the city's excellent rail connections, river transport and the Autobahn system.

“To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about the culture,” she said.

“I knew what [high school German teachers] taught us:..broad strokes of beer, wurst, lederhosen, industriousness.” The Germany she’s found has contained that, and more, although she says that a more definitive and complex definition of what it means to be German continues to elude her.

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