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Annual water deficiency and wind erosion cause considerable soil drifting.

Development The creation of the province of Alberta on 1 September was the logical result of the great immigration boom, and an answer to the political campaign for autonomy that had developed in the Northwest Territories.Neither company successfully penetrated the southern half of the province, which lacked forests and thus valuable beaver furs. The non-fuel mining industry also extracts magnetite, peat moss and clay.Lewiswriting on May 5,in northeastern Montanadescribed the coyote in these terms: More than other nations, the Cree and Assiniboine including the Stoney acted arsel go-betweens for the Hudson Bay Company and the isolated Alberta Aboriginal groups in the s.For more information visit Alberta Fire Bans for the most up to date information on advisories, restrictions and bans in your area.The Forest and Prairie Protection Act include fines up to 7 for abandoning campfires as well as for using fireworks and exploding targets in forested areas.

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