Dating lauson engines

I have also included a few pages that might be of interest to lovers of old iron, such as some serial number lists, and clubs and museum pages. You can simply scroll down and browse through the list, very slow, or you can use the 'find' feature in your browser.Many of these pages are owned by members of the 'stationary engine list', an email list of old iron lovers.PETE ALDOUS1 1/2 HP Wolseley WD2, 1 1/2 HP Wolseley WD8, 1 1/2 HP Lister D, 2 1/2 HP Lister A, 1 1/2 HP BSA power unit, Petter M, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse Z dishpan, Blackstone, Lister CS 3.5/1 diesel, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse Z, Ideal air cooled, Ingeco, Petter M, Amanco, Moffat-Virtue, Hornsby, Ruston-Hornsby, Lister pumpset, John Deere, Norman, Lister Jr and pump, Lister CS diesel, Sulzer diesel, Gardner heavy oil engine, also some neat steamers..PETE and RUTH ALLEMAN Numerous engine pictures unidentified.If you have a "mystery" ignitor type engine, Ted's page is a great place to start.

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DAVID BROWN 2 1/2 HP New Way, 1 3/4 HP Associated "Choreboy", Ideal, 3 HP Hercules, Aermotor 8 cycle, 1 1/2 HP Economy.

RICHARD CARRIER 2 HP Mietz & Weiss oil engine, Kewanee pumper BERNIE CARTER Gilson 'Wizard', Stover 'CT-3', Novo 4 cylinder, IHC 'M' MIKE CARTWRIGHT 7 HP Foos "S", 15 HP Foos "S", 4 HP Foos Jr., 3 HP IHC "Famous", 6 HP Foos Jr., 1 HP Stover "V", Associated "Chore Boy", 1 1/2 HP Union Giant, 1 1/2 HP Foos Jr., 2 1/2 HP Foos Jr., CARL CASDORPH Jaeger PETER CATHERY 5 HP Anglo (Petter), 1 HP IHC 'Tom Thumb' KEN CHRISTISON 12 HP IHC 'Famous', 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'dishpan', 3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'ZC',1 3/4 HP Hercules 'S', 1/2 HP Page, 1/2 HP Duro, 4 HP Waterloo Boy, 7 HP Kootz and Stroehman, 1 HP Brownwall, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul Jr.', 1 HP Union Giant, 1 1/2 HP Ideal,2 1/2 HP New Way, 5 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Cushman 'Cub'.2 HP National, IHC 'Mogul', 6 HP Kenwood, Bates and Edmunds 'Bullbup',2 HP Bullseye, Ingeco, 1 1/2 HP Alamo, 1 HP Alamo, 1 1/2 HP Rawleigh,1 HP Stover, Lancaster, Ward, Falk, Foos, 6 HP Columbus, Otto, Hamilton, Metcalfe. A., Model Stirling engine, Georges Carrette, New Caloric, Heinrici, Ky-Ko fan, Ernst Plank Vacuum engine Ky-Ko engine.

DUNCAN AND SANDY DENMAN Acadia, Gilson Wizard, Gould Shapley and Muir 'Ideal', 5 HP Milwaukee, Gray, National, Renfrew, 4 HP IHC 'Mogul', IHC 'Titan', Fairbanks Co., Fairbanks Morse 'T', CH&E, London, White Lily, 6 HP Le Napolean,15 HP Fairbanks Morse, 25 HP Simplex, Connor, Monarch, 50 HP Fairbanks Morse, Blackstone Diesel, 500 HP Ruston Hornsby FRANK DEWITT 1.5 KVA Kohler, .8 KVA Fairbanks Morse, 750 Watt Fairbanks Morse, 1500 Watt Fairbanks Morse, 850 Watt Delco, 800 Watt Genco, Dr Delco collection BILL DICKERSON 2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP IHC 'M', 2 HP Chapman, 10 HP Chapman, 7 HP Chapman, Maytag Twin long frame, 3 HP Blackstone, Crossley, Lister 'B', Monarch, 1 1/2 HP Petter, Wolseley, Ruston, Pioneer, Large Ruston, Enfield, 3 HP Ransomes, Alamo, Lindsay Alamo, Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP IHC 'M', Fairbanks Morse, Foos, Lennox, New Holland, Olin, One Minute TOBY DILKS Fuller and Johnson, Monarch, Maynard, 1 1/2 HP Economy, 6 HP Galloway, IHC 'M', 15 HP Olin, Economy's, Parsell and Weed, Maytag Twin, Abenaque, Triangle Drive steam model, Weed BILL DILLON 2 HP Foos, 4 HP Sparta-Economy, 1 1/2 HP Sattley, 3 HP Stover 'W' 1 1/2 HP Mc Cormick Deering, 2, 4, 7 HP Monitor 'Ball Hopper' JIM DUNMYER Cooper-Bessemer SHOWS IHC 'M', New Holland CHRIS AND ROD EPPING 5 HP Aermotor, 4 HP Badger, 6 HP Brown-Cochran, 3 HP Challenge, 2 HP Crossley Otto, 15 HP Fairbanks Morse 'N', 3 1/2 HP Gade, 10 HP IHC 'M'15 HP IHC 'Famous', 4 HP IHC 'Mogul' HC, 4 HP IHC 'Mogul' TC, Neward, 15 HP Otto, 3 HP Samson, 1 3/4 HP Stickney, 3 HP Stickney, 5 HP Stickney, 7 HP Stickney, Root and Vandervoort 'Easy Cooler', 6 HP 'Sparta' Economy, 25 HP Superior, Thompson-Lewis, Webster inverted, Witte sideshaft, Wisconsin sideshaft.

DAVID ERNST1 1/2 HP Associated, IHC "LA", 6 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Economy, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 HP Witte, Taylor, LARRY EVANS50 HP Fairbanks "RE", 3 HP Fairbanks Morse, 3 1/2 HP Ideal "M", 2 HP Pacific PAUL EVANS 52 HP Ruston-Hornsby, 34 HP Ruston-Hornsby, 108 HP Allen 4 cylinder, 27.5 HP Petters, 21 HP Petters, 5 HP Petters, 100 HP Petter, 85 HP Hornsby, 4 HP Lister, 5 HP Lister, Atlantic 4 cylinder, Crossley, 1.5 HP Ruston-Hornsby, 5 HP Ruston-Hornsby 5 HP Petter 'S', 130 HP Vickers-Petter, 4 HP Lister 'L', 2 HP Lister 'F' ONLINE MANUALS Bamford, Bessemer, Blackstone, Bolinder, Butler, Campbell, Coventry Victor, Crossley, Dorman, Fairbanks Morse, English Electric, Fowler, Gardner, International Harvester, Kelvin, Lister, Lucas, Maytag, Nationa,l Onan, Petter-Fielding, Perkins, Petter, Reid, Robey, Robinson, Russell, Newbery, Ruston & Hornsby, Ruston Lister, Stuart, Turner, Villiers, Wisconsin, Witte, Wolseley DEAN EWING Aeromotor, Bluffton, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', Maytag, 3 HP Flint and Walling JIM FALIVENO Numerous engines, none identified CONRAD FIELD Sattley 'N2C, 8 HP Wisconsin ARNIE FERO 5HP Petter "M", 5HP Lister "CS", 3 - 4HP Lorenz, 7HP Crossley "1070", 2 1/4HP Bamford "Tulip Top", 4HP Witte headless, 3HP Novo "S", 8HP Novo Rollr, 6HP Sandwich buzz saw, Delco light plant, 10HP Bessemer half-breed, 4HP Robertsonville, 3HP CHE mud pump, 2HP Bessemer vertical, 3HP Detroit vertical, 4HP Leader, 1 1/2HP IHC "M",3 1/2 HP United, Homelight Genset.

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