Dating marriage member 2016

But the West was still a terra incognito for Soviet people, and western men were original in their views and ways of life. Russian ladies wrote letters to foreign guys and sent them by air mail, waiting for weeks to hear back from their admirers. From the end of 1990’s, Internet was spreading at great speeds in Russia.By early 2000’s nearly everyone had some kind of Internet access, at home, work, or through friends.

It wasn’t for long until the first international marriage agencies started to invite Russian women to join in search for a foreign love match.

If in 1990s Russian dating sites were selling addresses of women (to send a letter by air mail).

In 2000’s it was all about translated emails, then chats.

Instead of letters, women started to converse with western guys by email.

Then Russian dating sites introduced instant messaging, or chat, but they also started to charge by communication.

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