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So, I've decided to put this specific cabinet on hold and keep trying out other cabinets.

So, I also learned a few things along the way that I wanted to share with the group. Decibels Secrets[/url] and select Chassis Date Codes from the 'secrets' dropdown. Those blackback Celestions also point to a 70s cab. They are basically the same speaker, Celestion just used a different color ring for some reason. Marshall Logo unconfirmed item - It would seem that the 11" logos started later in the '70s... Has anyone heard that Greenbacks (Celestion G-12-M 25w) heat up and start sounding crappy after 20 minutes of playing? -- Doug _________________________ MUSCLE:91 Mesa Mk4(rack mounted)|Mesa F30|Mesa Nomad45|'78 Marshall 4x12HEART:07 Gibson LP Std 50s Neck|86 Jackson Soloist|92 PRS Custom 24|01 PRS Singlecut|Taylor 814ce|MIM Strat Hey... On the phone, the guy selling it said something unsettling to me.

The leader of the Labour Front, David Saul Marshall negotiated with other parties to form a coalition government.

After spent three days of discussion, a minority coalition government of LF-UMNO-MCA was formed.

Mergers and acquisitions, questions over suitable advertising, debates about the shape of our bottles, and the emergence of microbreweries -- these are just a few fascinating topics in Canadian brewing history.

So sit back, raise a glass and enjoy as the CBC Archives looks at Canada's beer industry.

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