Dating nigerian and proud

So how do the two marry up, when humour is your livelihood?Gina Yashere is four-time winner of the Black Entertainment & Comedy “Best Female Comedian” Award.It’s rare for any British comic to make it over in America, let alone a female one, but Gina has proven that her observations on life are funny on both sides of the Atlantic.

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“I like to be interested in what they do.” When I ask if she ever uses lines from her shows to impress women, she looks horrified. That’s one thing I can’t stand – hearing another comedian telling a story when we’re hanging out, and realizing they’re just doing their bits from the stage. ” Even though Gina’s comedy is based on her life, she never falls back on her stage stuff with potential partners, equating it to an actor starting to recite lines from his best play in the middle of a date. You can be naturally funny, but I can see when people are trying too hard.” So what about humour as an aphrodisiac for other people? I’ve seen some comedians ruin some first dates by picking on them…I’ve always been of the opinion that humour and romance need to go hand in hand.The acronym GSOH has roots in dating ads, and it’s rare to read a dating profile which doesn’t underline the importance of a shared sense of humour.’ thing.” It’s a tough exterior – which you might expect, having seen her stand-up comedy – but Gina makes it clear that there are aspects of the comic circuit that she’s not interested in.“I’m not one of these rock stars shagging different people every night, because it’s just not what I do,” she says. ” Beneath the loud stage persona lies a sensitive soul.

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