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It’s a brave and rare thing to expose idiosyncratic and alienating personal truths. It captures the psychedelic experience in a way that has definitely never been written about in the history of humanity. It will remind you the world is strange and magical. I’ve culled these quotes down to give you a fair picture of the variety of things Mc Kenna thought about.

A fair amount of his lectures are collected online here, and on You Tube, and the .

Or rather we had an experience that vaguely related to making love but was a thing unto itself.

We were both howling and singing in the glossolalia of DMT, rolling over the ground with everything awash in crawling, geometric hallucinations. This kind of fucking occurs at the very limit of what is possible.

Often these methods exhibit startling parallels to the techniques of modern psychotherapy; at other times they seem to represent an understanding of possibilities and energies still unrecognized by western theories of healing.” On Legalization “It was said that women could not be given the vote because society would be destroyed.

Before that, kings could not give up absolute power because chaos would result.

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