Dating slovenia si

PROLOGUE: I did not know anything about Slovenia before I decided to venture off into its mysteries and warm punanis of the local european women.

What I found was a city full of wonderful surprises, deep culture, and fun people eager to talk about their country and incredible scenery all in one.

Ljubljana is a University city, and EVERYTHING evolves around student life and activities. not knowing this, and was incredibly disappointed my very first week, then I started making friends and getting advice on where to go (Croatia seemed to be the spot).

: I had no idea that Slovenia focuses its life so much on University student life, to the point of making its holidays, tourist season around the University schedules. Austria, Italy, Croatia are all within 2 hours or less (driving) of Slovenia - which means you can knock out all of these countries in 1 shot!

One girl went form letting me eat her pussy out, to closing her legs as she asked me how old I was right before we were about to have sex, and I told her my real age! In Colombia, being older works for you, and latin girls will chase older foreign men, well, it is the exact opposite in Slovenia!

who knows, I did not care as I was enjoying it for the first time in my life. At one point, look her in the eye, and just flat out say "you gonna kiss me or what?

Slovenia has it all, from incredible nature trails, to modern ski resorts, to adventures in the wild forests, to elegant vineyards for wine tasting getaways, and great golf resorts.

It's amazing how such a small country offers so much.

I have been extremely busy causing damage in Central Europe, and I am finally starting to write up my discoveries on Slovenia, and some side trips to Croatia.

I will break down my success stories, as well as major mistakes I made that cost me notches so you can avoid doing them.

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