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There's a small grid to choose pictures with one click if they're in the My Pictures folder, but if there are a lot of pictures in there or your pictures are in another folder, you have to click Browse for each picture, which is annoying. Hope my review was helpful xxx I recently got a new PC and downloaded this app because it's what I enjoy doing. However, on my second (and onwards) pictures, where I have been trying to "blemish" and "whiten" it will not drag. I thought it would have more editing things so you could cut bits out of photos and put of photos in its place.I wouldn't recommend it but it has alright filters to only change colour. I installed the app om my PC running Windows 10 Home, and it opened normally once.---------------------- "A one-stop shop for any photo editing need." -Mashable "A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone." -Life Hacker "A solid, simple camera editing app." -USA Today ---------------------- Aviary is a powerful, fast, and fun photo editor which we created because we wanted an easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing.Instead, think about an encyclopedia—one with unlimited, graphically rich pages, connections to E-mail and files, and access to Internet newsgroups and online shopping.It was founded under the name Mosaic Communications Corporation on April 4, 1994, the brainchild of Jim Clark who had recruited Marc Andreessen as co-founder and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as investors.It is now owned by Oath, Inc., a subsidiary of Verizon.The brand belonged to the Netscape Communications Corporation (formerly Mosaic Communications Corporation), an independent American computer services company, whose headquarters were in Mountain View, California, and later Dulles, Virginia.

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The Gecko engine would later be used to power the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser.

Since then it opens for a few seconds then shuts down.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing without any effect.

I used most of the settings and functions and it worked out great! Don't get your hopes too high though as I later wanted to save it to my wallpapers folder, but I couldn't find a save button, it just said ' Done'.

You can by-pass it by opening up the editor and using the snipping tool, but really that isn't a valid option as it isn't full size in the editor.

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