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Ladies, if the results of a study were to be taken at face value, having broad hips would mean you are likely to have a more rambunctious sex life.

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In Part One of a two-part series, Rolling Stone goes under the covers in search of new approaches to intimacy, commitment and hooking up.

For guys, if you truly believe the results of this study, why don’t you give this a test your self?

If you do really score with women with wide-hips, then there maybe some truth to the findings of this study.

Tonight is one of those nights, and soon Leah will head to Jim’s penthouse apartment, where the rest of the evening, she says, will probably entail “hanging out, watching something, having sex.” “She’ll usually spend the night,” Ryan adds nonchalantly, which gives him a chance to enjoy some time alone or even invite another woman over.

He doesn’t have a long-standing secondary relationship like Leah (“I’ve actually veered away from doing that”), but he certainly enjoys the company of other women, even sometimes when Leah is home.

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