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and the order in which parameters are passed is important.This is a stark difference from the Unix and DOS worlds where the parameter list in Unix shell scripts and C programs is a set or array of character pointers and more often than not the parameters are not positionally dependent.CL can also be used to create CL programs (congruent to shell scripts) where there are additional commands that provide program-like functionality (IF/ELSE, variable declaration, file input, etc.) Although CL is a scripting language for system administration, it is used mainly to create compiled programs.The use of interpreted CL scripts through the SBMDBJOB command is in fact extremely limited.

All of these metrics are combined with the actual score of the game to help generate a team’s SPI rating and therefore its chances of winning future games.

Control is familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive freedom. Network capabilities are rapidly becoming fundamental and indispensable in today’s fast-paced world of digital live sound.

CL series consoles feature separate console and I/O rack components that communicate via the Dante™ network audio protocol, allowing fast, efficient design and deployment of capable systems from the most basic to the dazzlingly complex.

A Yamaha CL1 mixing console ensured that the necessarily compact audio specification still packed a big sonic punch.

takes into account that not all goals are created equal: A team’s final score is reduced if a goal comes late in a game that it’s leading or when the opponent is a man down.

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