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Because hot girls who like puppies will not take puppy abuse kindly.

Look, sometimes you might meet someone — online, at a bar, wherever — and while they might, on the surface, seem like the perfect Mr. Right Now), the reality is that they’re not the one for you in the long term.

So yeah, on a short-term basis an animal companion like an adorable puppy might be that great ice-breaker — everyone loves puppies, after all.

But unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a puppy rental service (we think? Puppies are a long-term commitment, beyond even marriage, because you’re taking full responsibility for caring for a living creature.

“The Godfather” might be a truly great movie, but is it really this person’s favorite?

In the long run, the only universal thing to know about dating is that it’s about making a connection with someone — whether or not you’re keeping it casual.

But surreptitiously sneaking in a companion for a double date where half the people involved don’t know it’s a double date is a coward’s move, and, when you get caught, it’s probably not going to end well.

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