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Ghoulz has sent me his list of the 218 bands for which he is currently seeking further information.I'll not add the whole list to the Edin Photo web site, but would be happy to provide a copy of the list and Ghoulz' contact details to anybody who requests it."Hi I have been all over the Edin Photo site looking for a guy called Sanders who used to either dance with us girls or by himself to the great music played at Mc Goos in the 1960s and have seen his name mentioned as a Gamper.

Thank you to James for his comments above, and also for providing a link to the Clouds Music web site and some quotes about the importance of the band, including Brian Hogg's comment in 'The History of Scottish Rock & Pop' The Edin Photo web site usually covers only matters relating to Edinburgh, but there may well be some overlap between the bands that played in Edinburgh and in Dunfermline, so I've included Ghoulz' comments below.

It was frequented by school kids who wanted to have a coffee and a 'fly fag'. Another place of interest was the trendy hairdresser, 'His Hair', run by Murdo Mc Lean, Charlie Miller and Charly Mairns Perms were the rave in the early-1970s. "After providing entertainment for the 1st Edinburgh Marathon in 2006, I went on to provide entertainment for the Edinburgh Marathon for the next 4 years in different locations as event was moved away from City Centre and Holyrood to Musselburgh.

I hope that one or more of the group that John mentions above will read his notes and ask to get in touch with him.

I'm helping the daughters of one of one of the band's founders to put together recollections of the their late father's band. Dolly Dagger played there once or twice I remember the late Linny Paterson of Beggars Opera had something to do with the club. I went to the toilet while the band were playing an instrumental and Nobby Clark, their then singer, indicated to me that we had, in his opinion, overstayed our welcome.

So we played two more encores and a charming young lady It was the place where I first tasted spaghetti other than Heinz tinned stuff.

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