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Image © Christof Piaskowski The first public lecture in the new Benjamin West lecture theatre at the Royal Academy of Arts will be delivered by David Chipperfield 21 May.

The 250-seat lecture theatre is one part of the newly transformed RA campus, which opened 19 May.

It is the contemporary reinstatement of a double-height, semi-circular auditorium that existed in the original 6 Burlington Gardens building.

Contemporary art is increasingly concerned with ideas and issues about our environment, our politics, and issues of gender and race.The main entrance court creates an impressive approach from North Terrace.The organisation of the building and its very character is stimulated by its unique relationship to the Botanic Gardens.The contemporary art museum must provide a framework for the static; a place for reflection and thought, and the dynamic; a place for events, debate, and the exchange of ideas.The modern museum has to reach out to a larger audience and in doing so should appeal to a wider demographic without losing its central purpose to open our minds and stimulate our curiosity.

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