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The problem was that as we went through the discussion questions at the end of each devotional, we'd end up getting in a fight half the time as we shared sensitive thoughts. So we shelved the book, until recently I got it out and read it alone as part of my daily devotionals.I really enjoyed it, and sh My wife and I got this book a few years ago with the intention of using it as designed—to share a devotion together as we went to bed at the end of each day.

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Monday through Friday you read a couple paragraphs and then answer three or four discussion questions.

Saturday and Sunday you just read a longer story without questions to review what you've discussed and prepare you for the next week's topic.

Even though my husband and I only stuck with it for three weeks, I would still tell other couples to give it a try.

The features offered will also help you to memorize God’s truth and apply it in thought, word, and action in your life.

You will soon find yourself caught up in the grand adventure that life with Jesus is meant to be!

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