Dexter dating sister

Deb's salty demeanor and stubbornness has made it difficult to love her character as its own entity rather than as an extension of Dex's life.

She's not particularly funny (her idea of a clever password was recently revealed to be "fuckingpassword" because she's apparently got a frat boy trapped in that brain of hers).

She locks her bedroom door and calls the cops, who arrest him.

When she goes down, she sees to her horror that her Tinder date has covered her kitchen in plastic sheets and laid out a hammer and a chainsaw. Everyone is freaking out about this – over three million people have watched the video.

"This has to be the scariest thing ever," said the person who first posted it.

And there was a saw and a hammer lined up on her floor.Deb proves that to be true when she's rescued from the car and goes back in to save Dexter from a grim fate. Is it sufficient to redeem a character who's been inconsistent, irrational, and hysterical for seasons upon seasons? Will he ever be able to forgive his sister for an attempt to kill him and herself?Was Deb's questionable character built questionably all along so that when push came to shove(ing a car into a large body of water), we'd pick Dexter's side, no matter what?A woman feels sick on a scary Tinder date, the story goes, so asks the guy to leave.He does, and she goes to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night to hear him inside her home, rearranging furniture downstairs.

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