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Additionally, we have observed key ingredients for interprofessional collaboration and can speak to strategies to build effective interprofessional teams.

Recommendations for counselors To be effective working with PWS, counselors need to address the misconceptions they have about stuttering.

These include placing spices under one’s tongue, receiving acupuncture and sitting or standing with the correct posture.

These erroneous cures can be insulting and demeaning to PWS.

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As PWS become more aware of their stuttering and encounter negative listener reactions to their disfluencies, they may develop negative emotions toward communication situations and begin to avoid speaking.Kyle hears the drone of the elevator music playing behind the bland voice that states, “All calls are important to us. A customer service representative will be with you in just a moment.” Kyle knows the message well because he has been on hold for nearly 15 minutes. ” Kyle feels his throat tighten and his chest begin to seize. He feels frozen in anger, disgust and helplessness. This experience is all too common for people who stutter (PWS).While waiting, Kyle practices in his head the message he needs to state: “Hello, my name is Kyle, and I need to schedule a shuttle ride to and from the airport.” Suddenly, a crackling voice replaces the music. “Hello, my name is Kyyyyyy, my name is Kyyyyyyy, Kyyyy.” “Sir, are you there? For these individuals, the experience of communication, which many of us take for granted, becomes a blockade that stands between connection, understanding and the navigation of one’s world.If you're feeling uncomfortable when talking to a person who stutters, imagine the feelings of the person stuttering if you're conveying frustration or worse.An estimated 68 million people in the world stutter, mostly children, with around one percent of stutterers being adults.

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