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by Lakeland Gear– Cook a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs in brown paper bags over the fire.The eggs are done when the grease from the bacon is about half way up the side of the bag. by A Mum ‘n the Oven– You want pancakes when you camp, but it’s messy and you have to take milk and eggs. Isn’t it amazing how a little preparation can make things so much easier?

I don’t know why, but food always tastes better over a campfire. And just wait until you see the delicious, melty desserts that we’ve rounded up. You don’t need any fuel, and it is perfect for backpacking trips, Scout camps, or even just to enjoy some hot chocolate on a fishing trip! by Melissa J Mac Donald– One of my favorite childhood memories is making donuts out of biscuit dough with my mom, but I never thought about doing it over the campfire!by Life Hacker– Roll up a shoe organizer like this and take it camping with you.Hang it from a tree and you have a portable organizer for anything you need to keep off the ground: utensils, kitchen equipment, food, and more. by Prepared Not Scared– Organize everything you’ll need for cooking your meal outdoors with a tool organizer kind of like this – genius!by Squidoo– Most of these camping activities and games are tried-and-true oldies that combine learning about nature with the fun that keeps kids interested.Make your camping trip a little easier with one of these “Why didn’t I think of that? by Martha Stewart– Have you ever dropped the kids off at sleep-away camp, surveyed the beautiful surroundings and thought, “I wish I could go there”? Family camps are a combination of an old-school family vacation and classic summer camp. by Babble– You’ll want to browse through this post, as well, for more information.

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